Small update folks, anonymous posting is now open. The Hipposaur now respects your right to privacy.

On a more personal front, the Hipp is now a little younger, 26 to be precise. He spent the day at work. Rather, he spent the day proofing and checking text on the screen and the page, take it as you will. At night, old and new friends congregated for cakes (yes, there was a cake) and cigarettes. Irony is, the Hipposaur missed out on the 'surprise', being brain fried and desperately in need of smokes. So there he was, late as usual, while his friends made a beeline for the door. "We waited for a long time for you to turn up. Here's your cake. Got work tomorrow. Goodnight."

Surprises, they're so nasty when plans fall apart. Paste that smile in place and grow up, dude. Happy birthday, and same to you.


Anonymous said...

so anonymous comments don't bother you anymore?

Sarit said...

aah, sardonic, dude. Don't grow up all that quickly

Fully grown fuzzy Hipposaur said...

@Anon: evidently not!
@Saruman: In my head, I'm still 12 :P