Blood sausages and the everything soup

With the first winter chills slowly setting in Dilli, the Hipposaur has been craving steaming hot soup for a while. A lunch date with a merry bunch of cohorts turned out the perfect chance to explore some more North Eastern delights in the city. Going beyond the Dilli Haat uppishness, the motley bunch decided to eat out at Safdarjung in South Dilli.

A wonderful student colony in Delhi, Safdarjung Enclave plays host to a multitude of communities; and with it, a variety of cuisines. The NCC Gate at Safdarjung is a ten-minute walk from Green Park Metro station and is a maze of gullies and PG accommodations, usually basking in the aroma of fresh bamboo shoot. Nestled in the bylanes are two wonderful restaurants that whip up an amazing variety of North-Eastern, Tibetan and Indochinese cuisine. While Rosang, near the entrance of the NCC Gate is affordable and serve yummy food; Yo! Tibet, a garage-turned-eatery, is known for its portion sizes.

Coming to the chow, orders were placed for lunch that included slow braised buff tongue slices, buff momos, myriad meat curries and rice, among other things.

Then there was Thenthup. This heavenly, aromatic broth is principally pork, buff and chicken slow cooked with stock, veggies and home made flat noodles, with fried eggs crumbled on top. On the side were Gyuma- Tibetan pork sausages and happiness. Needless to say, after slurping down an entire bowlful of soupy, steamy goodness at Yo! Tibet, the Hipposaur was happy.

Directions: From Green Park Metro station, walk up to the NCC Gate / take a 20 Rupee auto ride. First up is Rosang; the lane beside it leads to Yo! Tibet. Ask around and you shall be helped.

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Anonymous said...

@hipposaur: Your posts make me hungry... very hungry! You have a wonderful way with words, especially when talking about the world of culinary delights. Are you as good a cook as a critic?