Good Ol' Beasts of yore

A warm sunday afternoon happened to host a vintage car show, right here in the city. So off they went, thanks to a generous and very resourceful friend, and got clicking.


The impeccably maintained chrome and wood led to finely upholstered, and very opulent leather interiors, replete with the inscrutably sexy speedometer, in miles of course.

Cadillac Dash

The numerous shiny insignia perched proudly on the bonnets felt of sepia tinted days where many days and nights went into crafting these beautiful beasts. The love of the craft showed through the impeccable detailing, from the engraved hubcaps down to the last chrome-plated bolt.


According to some very trusty resources, the organisers apparently planned the do as a rally, like the one in Kolkata. However, the streets of Hyderabad, filled as they are with renegade roadrunners, scared off far too many participants. Ergo, the event was pruned to a 'show' in a dirt field inside the (very highbrow, a tad obnoxious, if I may) Secunderabad Club (Egad!) premises.

Buick on Buick

The show itself was fun, to say the least, with rows upon rows of shiny Buicks, Oldsmobiles, Austins, Morrises, a Rolls and the odd Cadillac, like a good bottle of Scotch.


Austin (of England)


Interestingly enough, a 1962 HM Ambassador Mark I made its way alongside an old Willys Jeep. Might not be a vintage, in the true sense of the word, but nevertheless, very very sexy. Also notable in this melange was a rickety old 250cc Norton motorcycle, very similar to the 200cc version used by Ernesto Che Guevara through his tours across the continent.

Norton 250

These were a few glimpses of the show. Hope you liked the pictures.


Vatsala said...

like them photos

Estella said...

Very. Very. Sexy.

The pictures, that is.

Anonymous said...

actually Che and Ernesto travelled on a 497cc Norton ES2 ... which predictably failed to complete the course and had to be abandoned!