You, dear unfortunate reader, might have observed that the tone of this blog has become, for lack of better words, tinged with a hint of bitterness of late. And my good friend the Hipposaur (bless his soul for his naïveté) pleads guilty as charged. According to the Hipp, his recent brushes with the glittering folks in the City of Nizams are to blame for this. Quite obviously the dose of ideology during his postgraduate days are to blame for this. How else would the Hipposaur fail to connect with those wonderful people who blow air kisses and strategically slow down their stride at parties, when ‘confronted’ with a photographer “oh no more pictures puhleeeze!”

Surely there is something very wrong in his constitution, when he cringes when asked to cover stories at boutique malls, where ragged scraps of clothes sell for thousands of Rupees. It’s no Prada, but surely there is logic behind third tier designer labels? What about the time when he saw a rickety bunch of fans from the slums crouched at the gate, hoping to get a glimpse of their favourite AA*? As the ‘world famous in Andhra Pradesh’ actor got down from the white SUV, gelled hair and a whiff of Hugo Boss in place, the ragged bunch was conveniently herded away by concerned security men. Why would that have bothered the Hipposaur, he had a story to cover, after all? A desperate sound bite, clawed out of the actors’ mouth, and the job is done. The bastee-dweller-fans are of course, left in the shadows. No wonder everyone still believes in that over-abused, disgusting little phrase, “India shining.” Sure it does, but for whom, he wonders in his inexperienced mind. The rest just while away their time in country liquor, their collective body odour and copulation. Life goes on, what say?

*Mr AA is a young actor in Telugu and Tamil films.

[The Hipposaur apologises to the über rich for maligning their innocuous parties as well as Hugo Boss and third-tier designer boutiques. They may collectively jab him with limited edition cocktail sticks if they so please.]


Sarit said...

Awerrrsome! Loved it...especially the jab with the limited-edition whatever...Take a bow and kiss my palm, darling! :P

Scribbler said...

Such jadedness doth not become thee, gentle Hipposaur. Consider a job change?

Fully grown fuzzy Hipposaur said...

Actually, it is the sense of bittersweet reality that the Hipposaur precisely needed, to see the shallow hypocrisy of our well manicured world in all its rawness. Atleast that's what he told me :)