The great equaliser, not quite

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The Hipposaur, slow thinking creature that he is, has come to the conclusion that media events are indeed a way of ensuring social equality. Where else would you, dear reader, come across ragged video cameramen, who, rather lecherously zoom (both in and out) on young socialites in designer LBDs in full DV? Where else would you find the elite brigade as well as unsuspecting journalists scampering for a peg of Scotch at the makeshift bar? The icing on the cake is the upstart model, who so desperately wants to show off the label on his jacket that he carries it in his hand. Tsk tsk.
Of course, being in the media has its perks. You are allowed to, for once, smile and chat (with resounding familiarity) with the shiny happy people, and the film stars as well! Good news is: they talk back to, and smile, of course! Both know their parts in the game, and both parties play it up to the hilt. Some people (behind the glass wall, on the streets) only get to take a peek. But we cannot accommodate everybody here now, can we?
That’s where the irony hits the Hipposaur in the head. The people inside are probably not even remotely concerned with the films made by the regional film star; whereas the guys outside are crazy about him. So he takes another swig and picks up the press release, another event to catch in 30 minutes, after all. He loves the notion of India Shining.

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Sarit said...

Woahh....take a bow...I know, 'India Shining' is a brilliant coinage...true understanding of the nation, no?